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Lyon - Fête des Lumières

Travelogue Lyon

Lyon: Festival of Lights and Frescoes

The visit to Lyon aimed to visit the Festival of Lights in December 2019. Another focus was on visiting some of the murals (frescoes on house walls) for which Lyon is famous.

A visit to churches and museums was not planned. Exception: One single museum and two churches.

The visited objects are drawn on the fold-out map.

Crowds of People

The stay at the time of the festival of lights was characterized by an excessive number of tourists. All hotels were overbooked and more expensive than normal.

In order to direct the crowds, all central streets had been closed to traffic in the evening, sometimes even to pedestrians. Exact information about barriers was also not available at the tourist information. In fact, the locks were changed at short notice, so that the numerous information and security staff were overwhelmed and often gave incorrect (outdated) information.

The metro in the area of ​​the old town was practically unusable.
My way to the hotel on foot: 1/2 hour
by bus + subway: 1 hour.

This was mainly due to the fact that everyone was passed through the barriers, which caused long waiting times and that only one exit was open at a time (security check). Direct transfers from one subway to another were not permitted in the evening (= queuing twice).

The stations "Bellecour" and "Vieux Lyon" are particularly popular.


The light shows are of very different quality.

A ranking is based on personal taste:


Ordered again according to personal taste:

Worth Seeing

The district around "Croix Rousse"

A hill, at the same time a romantic artists' quarter, invites you to stroll.

A nice walk starts at the subway station "Hénon". The wall painting "Le Mur des Canuts" is very close.

In the winding alleys on the "plateau" you should take your time and head for viewpoints.

Then it descends over the “Montée de la Grande Côte”.

On the banks of the Saône you will soon reach "La Fresque des Lyonnais" and a little later "La Bibliothèque de la Cité".

Afterwards you can walk over "Les Terraux" to the Opera to the subway station "Hôtel de Ville"

Vieux Lyon

St. Jean Cathedral is located in the old town of Lyon. To the north is the district with the exquisite restaurants. The “Musée Miniature et Cinéma à Lyon” can also be found here.
The F1 (funiculaire 1) takes you to the “Basilica Notre Dame de Fourvière”, the F2 to the ancient theater of the Minimes.

In any case, it is worth exploring the hills on foot.

Parc de la Tête d'Or

This park is home to a botanical garden and a small zoo (no entrance fee). There is a spectacular event here at the Festival of Lights.

The Peninsula

The district between Rhône and Saône is also worth visiting. The famous "Musée des Confluences" is located where the two rivers meet.


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