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Travel Report

The most beautiful waterfalls in the Soča Valley

Main interests: Sites of natural beauty and hikes
⭐ =absolutely worth seeing!


The journey was characterized by bad weather announcements, which were mostly incorrect. There was a thunderstorm almost every day, but only in the afternoon or in the evening. Therefore, we had planned only short hikes, so that a quick return to the car was possible.

Note: Hiking trails are usually well signposted, times are arbitrarily - allow extra time.
1st day:
Arrival via Italy (Tarvisio)
Stop at Lago del Predil ⭐
Short walk on the eastern shore. A trip round-the-lake might be a good idea, but sometimes it is necessary to walk on roads. A narrow, unlit road tunnel would have to be bypassed.
Breakpoints in Slovenia: Strmec na Predelu, Log pod Mangartom ⭐
2nd day:
Bovec - Waterfall Virje ⭐
Footpath from the village center Bovec via Plužná to Slap Virje, return via golf course and valley station cable car Kanin.
Tip: take bathing suits - super spot for picnic
Option 1: By car to Plužná, parking lot near the waterfall
Option 2: Walk from the center of Bovec via Plužná to Slap Virje, continue to Slap Boka, return by taxi
3rd day:
Soča spring to Trenta
Probably the most beautiful part of Soča
Bus to the junction Izvir Soče, then the road to the Gostojna (2 parking lots nearby), then climb to the spring ⭐, last section requires some surefootedness (wire ropes available)
Descent through the Soča pot (pot = trail) until shortly before Trenta, turn off to Izvir (= source) Mlinarica ⭐
Continue on Soča-pot to the car at Trenta.
Total duration over 4 hours including small rest / photo breaks.
The hike can also be shared -
Part 1: Soča source from the parking lot just before the inn
Part 2: From the source to Trenta (one way by bus)
4th day morning:
Slap Boka
On the 203 to the bridge over the Boka (small parking in front of it, large parking lot at the Hotel Boka)
Climbing to the first viewpoint is satisfactory, then it is getting difficult and the end is hard.
Although the Boka waterfall is the largest waterfall, the Virje waterfall is much more romantic!
4th day afternoon:
Fort Hermann
From Kluže fortress to Fort Hermann
On the map, the two fortresses seem to be right next to each other, in fact you have to overcome a height difference.
Cross the road at the Kluže Fortress and then turn right. Through a poorly lit tunnel (torch-light of advantage!), follow the way to the back of the mountain.
After a kick-turn you reach impressive viewpoints. Fort Hermann itself is relevant for (historically) interested visitors only.
5th day, part 1 :
Velika Korita ⭐ (Great Soča Gorge)
Soča pot from Soča to Velika Korita
then continue to the confluence of the rivers Soča and Lepenijca ⭐ (Kamp Soča)
The part at Kamp Soča also offers lovely bathing places (water temperature = refreshing!
From Lepena to Soča you can take a bus
5.Tag, part 2:
Sunikov waterfall
This waterfall is an addition to the Velika Korita hike. The way from Kamp Soča to one of the two small parking spaces can conveniently be covered by car.
Short and good is this way!
6th day:
In Bovec there are sports facilities on every corner.
We decided on a rafting tour that led from Žaga to Kuntri
7th day:
Return via Vršič-pass
Drive with 50 bends, sometimes very nice view
At the pass a lot of tourists, numerous high mountain trails - a possible destination for one of the next holidays.
Total distance:


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