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The Very Best From Bulgaria

Main interests: sites of natural beauties, hikes, caves, old towns with flair, no (!) museums


Our route (with bathing stay)

Recommended route

(without bathing stay and without Kazanlak)
Day 1:
Sightseeing Sofia depending on arrival
Overnight in Sofia
Day 2:
Hike to the Rila Lakes
Overnight in Melnik
Day 3:
Visit of Rila Monestary
Overnight in Panichishte
Day 4:
Hike from Melnik to Rozhen Monastery, panoramic trail Melnik
Overnight in Melnik
Day 5:
Jagodina Cave
Overnight in Trigrad
Day 6:
Devil's Throat Cave, Jeep to Eagles Eye
Overnight in Trigrad
Day 7:
Shiroka Laka, Wonderbridge, (optional: Monestary Bachkovo)
Overnight in Plovdiv
Day 8:
Sightseeing Plovdiv, Assens-Fortress
Overnight Plovdiv
Day 9:
Hike from Buzowgrad to Megalith, Shipka mountain pass
1st overnight Weliko Tarnowo
Day 10:
Tsaravez Fortress, part of town: Asen, trip to Arbanassi
2nd overnight in Weliko Tarnowo
Day 11:
Excursion to the Emen Gorge and the Preobrazhenski Monastery, sightseeing Weliko Tarnowo
3rd overnight in Weliko Tarnowo
Day 12:
Krushuna Waterfall, Saova Dupka Cave
Overnight near to the caves (e.g. in Goliama Brestnitsa)
Day 13:
Prohodna Cave, sightseeing Sofia
Overnight in Sofia
Day 14:
Sightseeing Sofia depending on departure
Overnight in Sofia



Really worth seeing: No pretty old town
Of course you can spend several days in museums and other churches
Free Sofia Tour: Meeting point 11 am / 6 pm in front of the Palace of Justice

Rila Lakes

Definitely well worth seeing
Chairlift - altitude difference: 1000 meters
Travel time: 23 minutes
Best way on the ridge (= best view)
Start: from the mountain rescue hut on the right hand

In the morning fog, it is recommended to make the path on the ridge later
Various return routes with different lengths
Minimum walking time 3 hours
Partially not well signposted
Overnight in Panichiste (not a „real“ village: a collection of some scattered hotels in the forest)

Rila Monastery

Mandatory visit for every visitor on Bulgaria
most important sight of the country (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
In the morning a lot of tourists


Apparently the smallest registered city in Bulgaria
In the morning a lot of tourists
Very pretty to look at - tourist scenery Definitely recommended
Great view on the cliffs of tufa rocks

Midway very exhausting
Walking time: 2 hours
Return by taxi from the inn in Rozhen (no taxi rank at Rozhen Monastery) Alternative / supplement to the hike to Rozhen
Start left of the church Св. Николай Чудотворец as signposted on the spot
Walking time 1 - 1.5 hours, first steep uphill, then a stroll

All important vantage points on the left side of the circular route
One of the two ways (to Rozhen or loop-trail) you should definitely go


Big, long cave, not very spectacular Astoundingly: the waterfall in the cave.
Everything you throw in is supposedly disappearing (mistakenly attributed to Jagodina Cave by some guides) Fast ride over hill and dale to the viewing platform „Eagles Eye“
Some are excited about the speed of the ride
View certainly worth seeing

Shiroka Laka

Worth seeing place, a stopover at least worth
Famous for its beautiful, authentic Rhodope houses (rebirth houses)

Natural phenomena „The Wonder Bridges“

Actually a highlight
We could not see because road was closed because of rockfall

Bachkovo Monastery (Batschkovo Monastery)

If you are not oversaturated with monastery tours, it is worth a visit.

Assens-Fortress (Assenowa Fortress)

near to Asenowgrad (south of Plowdiw)
Really worth seeing, especially because of the exposed location (see photo)

Plovdiv (Plowdiw)

European Cultural Capital 2019

Positive surprise, really worth seeing
Nice old town on a hill
District Kabana (entertainment)
"Free Plovdiv Tour" starts at the mayor's office 11 a.m./ 6 p.m.
Disappointing: waterworks and fountains in the park (maybe better on weekends, then with musical accompaniment)


Entry just on the southern end of Buzowgrad (Buzovgrad), only a nailed DIN A4 sheet with arrow
Walking time (1 hour, 1 hour back)
Some travel guides recommend visiting Megalith at sunset. This is impractical because of return through the woods without light.

Kazanlak (Kasanlak)/Shipka mountain pass

Completely disappointing
Only a single Thracian-tomb behind the hotel Teres is halfway worth seeing.
You can definitely relinquish a visit to the Thracian tombs next to Shipka
Shipka mountain pass: Beautiful view, huge heroic monument at the top.


Very (!) touristy
Beautiful old town: absolutely worth seeing, despite many tourists
Totaly crowded beaches
Parasols and beach chairs in rows of 5


Old town rather modest
New town ugly
Carnival line only for special interest


In the central area similar hype as in Nessebar

Recommendation for those who prefer it more quiet: Arkutino Beach (on the border to the neighbouring Primorsko): At the beginning of the beach several rows of umbrellas

South: Fewer and cheaper rental beds / umbrellas / parking fees
Outside monitored zone: mixed nudist area
Attention: In many travel reports nudist beaches are listed, which are no longer nudist areas (nudism has lost attractiveness, nudist beaches melt away)
near Sozopol
Worst kitsch you can imagine

Weliko Tarnowo

Nice place
Very touristy
Recommended excursions: district Asen, neighbouring Arbanasi, Preobrazhenski monastery, The highlights: Fortress Tsaravez (Caravez, Zaravez), Emen Gorge Consists of only a few excavated stones Access behind the cathedral Sveti Peter i Pavel
It is advisable to register online, at least in the tourist information a few hours before reserve residual tickets.

Appear 30 minutes before necessary

Good visibility only in the first two rows - barely visible e.g. from the seventh row
If you can not get tickets, you can enjoy free visual impressions on the the stairs at the left side (disadvantage: almost no sound). Definitely worth seeing
Visiting time 1.5 - 2 hours
Magnificent views of walls, towers and cathedral at the top
„Cathedral“ decorated with contemporary historical frescoes


Beautiful view of old town and fortress Tsaravets
Very touristy
It is recommended to go by car
Alternative: Round hiking trail from Du Mont travel guide starting at district Asen. According to reliable information one can easily get lost.
Highlight: Beautiful view over the landscape of Weliko Tarnowo with steep cliffs
Otherwise rather average

Emen Canyon

Definitely worth seeing - great view
Starting point: kick-turn on the road (see map)

The hike is high above the river (left side) descending
Way to the waterfall 45 minutes (travel time is given in different guidebooks very differently)
Signpost to the waterfall should not be used for the descent (rather suitable for way back = ascent).
The path leads partly through the forest (pay attention to mosquitos!)

Alternativly, there is a signpost in „Eco-Trail“, which initially leads into the river valley to a cave, then probably via a staircase (or diagonally back) to the path described above.

Krushuna Falls (Krushunskiye Waterfalls)

Definitely worth seeing
At the southern end of Krushuna
Start at the entrance of a national park (swimming pool)
Especially impressive: the red way to the waterfall (recommendation also for hurried visitors)

The blue path leads behind the waterfall to the smaller Mysterious Waterfall. Large waterfall is only visible from the red path

Saeva Dupka

Impressivst cave of the whole journey - absolutely worth seeing
Well lit
Interesting effects

Prohodna Cave

at Karlukovo

The cave is different from other caves: It is particularly interesting to walk through the cave and then either to the left to a viewpoint or to the right to a small monastery (also with a view). Walking time in each case 3/4 hour.


Showers in the hotel


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