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Travel description Dubrovnik

The main goal of the trip to Dubrovnik was to visit the city and the surrounding area.

In this report we try to give tips on what is worth visiting and how to save costs.

Dubrovnik Old Town

The trip took place in the second year of the pandemic (2021). The stream of tourists was already back.

Overcrowded old town, prices 50% to 100% over the rest of Croatia. Drink prices in particular are extreme!

Map of the old town + Srd (panoramic mountain - accessible e.g. by cable car) + old port for tourist boats

Map Lapad + Gruž (port for cruise ships etc.)

The old town of Dubrovnik is definitely worth seeing. A highlight of the UNESCO cultural heritage!

A tour of the city wall (2 hours) is a must. The mountain Srd offers a great view on old town. Both pretty expensive!

The Free Dubrovnik Walking Tour is recommended for those who are savvy, but still good:

There is also a “Dubrovnik Card” for one or more days. The city wall is included. Everyone has to calculate for themselves whether it pays off. Either only for one day with several museums or several days if you often use the included city buses. Ordering via the Internet is cheaper.

Trip 1 : Elaphite Archipelago

Map Trip 1

The archipelago north of Dubrovnik can be visited relatively cheap with a boat starting at the old port. (At the time of our trip only HRK 300 including lunch on the boat + free drinks).

However, the stays are far too short for a meaningful visit. There is time for just a short break from swimming.


The smallest of the Elaphite islets. A hike to the rocky and picturesque north bank is not an option. The Blue Grotto (included in the offer of one of the providers) was not approached by the boat due to high swell (is probably like this more often).

Map Koločep


This island is the largest of the three and is ideal for swimming, hiking and cycling.

Map Šipan


Šunj Beach is a large bay in the southeast of the island. The little town with hotels and restaurants is located in the northwest.

Map Lopud

Trip 2 : Korčula

Map Trip 2

By bus to the north, passing the large port of Gruž (ferries, cruise ships, container ships) to the Pelješac peninsula. First stop: Ston. Salt pans already in antiquity. Fortifications were built in the 14th century (a 5 km long wall - for comparison: city wall Dubrovnik is 2 km long)

Map Ston

At Orebić, a short trip with a small boat to Korčula.

Map Korčula

On the way back, stop for a wine tasting ...

Trip 3 : Cavtat

Map Trip 3

From the valley station of the cable car you can take the urban bus to Cavtat (35 HKN) - in-motion time: 30 minutes. Usually the bus is overcrowded (standing room).

An alternative is to take a boat (costs 200 HKN) or a taxi (around 30 EURO).

Circumnavigating the peninsula with the small town of Cavtat is a lovely walk. Numerous smaller bathing areas. You can enjoy the view from the mausoleum.

The second peninsula is dominated by the Croatia Hotel. This advertises a nudist beach, which - if at all - only exists on a small scale within the hotel area.

Trip 4 : Lokrum

Map Trip 4

A visit to Lokrum is an absolute must! The price is blown: 200 HKN! Entry to the nature park is included. It costs only HKN 30 for children and students.

Fort Royal is the highest point (great view!). Dead Sea (salt lake) is another important point. There is only one restaurant, located in the monastery - good but expensive (beer costs as much as a meal elsewhere). There are still 1-2 snack bars with a lean selection for catering.

The cave can also be reached by swimming (beforehand: walk across the nudist beach).


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